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Box set of 3 LPs recorded in studio at the Hawaiian Islands. 1960. "Blue Hawaii". (Laurel)

The back of the box set.

Book in the box set.

Sequence of the movie "G.I. Blues" in super 8, 18 minutes. Filmed on November 23, 1960. Limited edition.

Roll of film, 370 feet. Sound and color.

Sequence of the movie "Roustabout" in super 8, 18 minutes. Recorded on March 9, 1964. Limited edition.

Sequence of the movie "Paradise Hawaiian style" in super 8. Filmed in the Hawaiian Islands, 1965. Sound and color.


Elvis Presley commemorative issue.

Special box set from Australia " Elvis The Legend ". This edition includes 6 LPs of all the songs from 1961 to 1964. To the right, an explaining brochure about the content of the box set. There are four (4) box set of this collection for a total of 30 LPs.

Bootleg "Cadillac Elvis.".

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