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The 60's means Elvis's return.

Here are some objects to remind you his comeback.

Record from France with 4 songs : "Make me know it"/ "Soldier Boy"/ "Dirty, dirty,feeling"/ "I will be home again".

Acetate, original test recorded in studio (RCA). Nine (9) copies in the world. In sterling and zinc warmed at 125 °. Song : "Monkey Business". (1960)

"A portrait of music". Recorded in 1960 with Elvis's signature. Importation.

The studio recording of all the songs in the film "G. I. Blues ". Contains 4 lasers and 1 LP. Made in France. (250 copies in the world).

"Elvis Witchraft Album" Recorded in Nashville on May 26 and 27, 1963, (limited edition).

Recording of a radio broadcast, December 3, 1967. You hear the voices of Elvis and the announcer. To the right, the sequences of the session (limited edition).

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