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Wine bottle, 1994, Comes from England (limited edition.

Wine bottle,1987, Mommessin, comes from Denmark, emphasizing the 10th anniversary of his death.

Wine bottle, 1978, emphasizing The first anniversary of his death. Comes from California.


Ornamental candle.

Christmas card. The Colonel Parker personifies the Santa Claus.

Medallion guaranteed with the registration :Second International American walking of the city of Bad Kreuznach, Germany.

Commemorative watch with certificate of authenticity (1977).

Original scarf which Elvis threw during the concert of July 27, 1976.

Concert ticket July 27, 1976 in Syracuse where the scarf was obtained.

Original pictures of July 27, 1976 when Elvis gives that scarf.


Original and authenticated certificate, received from Kang Rhee. Elvis obtains his black belt 7th dan, on September 9, 1974. This certificate is signed and personalized in the name of Gérard "Tiger" Vachon.

Picture where Kang Rhee gives the certificate to Elvis.

Here is a Stutz Blachawk car, 1973. Red leather inside and the golden sets of table linen 24k gold. This car was specially ordered by Elvis. We can see this car in the Graceland's museum.

Elvis receives the keys of the Stutz from the hands of the salesman. The cane which Elvis carries is a firearm.

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