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There is the last decade of Elvis.

Objects in this room are in very limited edition.


Here is the chain twist 14k gold that Jerry Schilling, one of Elvis's bodyguards, received from Elvis. Certificate of authenticity. Notice the logo "TCB" which means : " Taking care of Business ".


Bottle of Whisky in porcelain. This bottle is musical and comes from Japan. Certificate of authenticity.

Metal box set which includes 4 LPs. "64 film hits" . Limited and numbered edition, comes from Germany.

Double album "Elvis Presley Special 24". ". First edition which comes from Japan. Inside the album, a leaflet with songs in Japanese on one side and in English of the other. (1976)

Book "Elvis Presley behind closed doors". Comes from Paul Lichter. This book is the number 1994 of a limited edition. Full of unpublished photos.

Game " Monopoly" style.

Access card for those who prepared the scene during Elvis's concert.


"Love me tender" badges.

70's album "There's always me". On the cover, Elvis  with his girl friend Lynda Thompson (Miss Tennessee 1972) whom he want out with from 1972 till 1976. Contains 2 lasers of new songs recorded in studio and in concert.

Here are 2 Elvis's albums in concert. "A profile The King on stage" vol.1 & vol. 2. Includes tickets for the show. Contains 4 lasers in each volume.


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