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Collector for more than 30 years and owning more than 20,000 different items, I thought of creating my own museum.

In 1991, I began to plan the conception of a museum and contacted a designer. I listed all the items of my collection and created 3 sections : the 50's, the 60's and the 70's.

In 1993, I finally opened my museum dedicated to Elvis.

A visit of the physical museum can last between 2 and 4 hours. You will see rare objects, unpublished photos, hear Elvis's songs and be charmed by the history of the King of Rock'n'roll... told with Gérard Vachon's personal touch.

An admission charge of 5$  is asked. Include in the visit, a picture taken with Gérard Vachon, a soft drink and a key ring with Elvis's effigy.

N.B. :
This museum is reserved exclusively for collectors and true Elvis's fans.

The exclusive and rare items which you will view on this site are not for sale. They are a part of my personal collection, accumulated over the years.

Visits are on weekends and by appointment only.

Now, if you want a glimpse of my museum, start with the 50's to see some of goods of that decade and just keep on going.


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