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CD "My happiness" recorded in Sun Records's studio in 1953. This promotional disc for radio stations was recorded in 500 copies only. We find this song on the album "The great performance". Not for sale.

First 45 rpm that I bought. "Don't be cruel / Hound dog". (1956).

Album "Windows of the soul". N.B. Check the shape of the disc which follows the outline of the head. Songs : "Love me tender"/ "Loving you" as well as interviews (limited edition).

Album "Elvis La Pelvis". The Argentine gave him the name of Pelvis because of his swaying hips. With certificate of authenticity (limited edition).

Bootleg LP of songs interpreted during his presences at the "Ed Sullivan Show" in 1956 and 1957. Limited edition of 1000 copies. The disc is in blue vinyl.

Album of 4 discs "One million dollar quartet". N.B. The shape of those discs are oblong and mini 45 rpm have a diameter of 3 inches. We see the photos of Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis. Comes from Denmark.

"There's always me" under label Bilko. Contains 2 lasers. Recorded in studio.


In 1958, Elvis begin his military service.

Interview on September 22, 1958 with Pat Hernon on the "U.S.S. RANDALL" vessel.

Playing the accordion in the pod of the "U.S.S. RANDALL" ( original and very rare photo).

45 rpm cover.

In Germany, release of a limited set " Private Elvis "

Box set "Private Elvis"

Book containing interviews and unique photos. ( Very limited edition).


It was a brief survey of the 50's.

Now, visit the 60's.


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