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This section represents Elvis Presley's room in his home town.

Keep your eyes wide open because objects in this room will  remind you of Elvis's youth till the end of the 50's.

Several unreleased objects decorate this room : photos, original and bootlegged records, honors, posters, etc.... Several goods have their papers of authentications, some in very limited quantities.

Here are some rare items of this decade.

Small pillow in white satin.

(limited edition).

Hat worn by Elvis's fans ( 1956 ). The label on the top guarantees authenticity by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Tie with several Elvis's effigies.

Proof of the hat, taken out of a specialized review.

Photo on the label of the hat.

Set of chewing gums (Chu Buk) in the shape of a record. Every package represents an album. "Collect Elvis gold album".

Badge with hologram (1956).

Book "Fire in the sun".(1956)

Unpublished book, 32 pages.(1956)

1990 calendar of never published photos of the 50's.

Wallet of 1956. Certified by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Special packages of brand names.(1956)

Bootleg, limited edition to 50 copies. Here, number three ( 3 ).

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