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Located in the Quebec area, a province of Canada, this museum  dedicated to Elvis Presley regroups more than 20 000 items.

The museum is divided into three (3) sections : the Fifties (50's), the Sixties (60's) and the Seventies (70's).

This museum is the property of Mr. Gérard Vachon. He is the biggest collector in Canada of objects relating to his idol : Elvis Presley.  Mr. Vachon is a real human encyclopedia for all that concerns Elvis. During a visit of the museum, this man tells you full of anecdotes and just to hear him is worth the trip. In several occasions, he is contacted by media for references of certain details of Elvis's life; you will be able to observe this by the newspaper clips which he keeps.

Mr. Gérard Vachon wanted to have his web site museum. He is very happy to invite you to visit it.

Site map of the museum


History of the museum


Goods of this decade
60's Goods of this decade
70's Goods of this decade
Boutique To buy some items
Contact To know and to contact Mr. Gérard Vachon

You will understand that it is impossible to show you here all the items of the collection.

So just follow the guide, the visit starts... go the Museum's section and enjoy !

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